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Class Registration and Materials: $350.

Registering reserves you a spot in the class and covers six three-hour classes of SAT prep with experienced math and English teachers. This fee also covers one Barron’s SAT prep book, one activity book designed specifically for this program, and snacks for each class.

Fall SAT Class for the October 1st SAT
Voyager High School in Durham

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 SAT

Sept. 1
5:45 pm - 8:45

Sept. 8
5:45 pm - 8:45

Sept. 15
5:45 pm - 8:45

Sept. 22
5:45 pm - 8:45

Sept. 26
5:45 pm - 8:45

Sept. 29
5:45 pm - 8:45

Oct. 1

Math Topics Covered

Critical Reading Topics Covered

Writing Topics Covered

SAT Course Details

The SAT Course consists of six three-hour classes, each designed to address a specific part of the test. The six classes are scheduled so that they lead up to the day the SAT is administered. This way, the class material is fresh in students’ minds on test day. We communicate with parents throughout the course regarding their student’s progress.

We custom make our SAT instructional materials using a combined thirty+ years of experience in instructional methods and curriculum development.

Click here for our Curriculum and Philosophy.

The New 2016 SAT

You’ve probably heard that the SAT is changing. Lucky for you, we’re on top of it! Our spring class is designed to prepare students for this new testing format. For more information on the changes, visit this link: We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have at

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Chapel Hill, NC 27516