Private Tutoring

We offer private tutoring in the following areas:

SAT/ACT Verbal Section, Essay Writing, College Essays, Classroom Assistance for Humanities Classes

SAT/ACT Math Section, Geometry, Albegra I and II, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics, General Math and Sciences Classroom Assistance

Early Reading:
Phonemic Awareness, Reading Comprehension, Fluency

In addition to private tutoring by the owners of Moore’s Test Prep, we provide a tutoring placement service from our database of highly experienced teachers and tutors. If you are placed with one of our tutors, your $50 payment for the first one-hour session will be made to Moore’s Test Prep. You and your child’s tutor can then make arrangements for future times and payments.

Private tutoring sessions can be held at times and locations convenient to the client.

Contact us at for more information.